Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a BOY!

I did a poll on Facebook. And the votes were 3 for Boy and 8 fir Girl. Well, this baby sure fooled everyone.

Here's a quick shot that I had Jake take this morning before leaving for the ultra sound.

We were all hoping for a girl, except for Dekker. My guess was a boy though. I hadn't felt very sick with this one, I haven't gained as much weight as I did with Naomi, especially through the hips. Plus, with Naomi, sweets actually made me feel more sick- with this one that wasn't a problem. And, well, I guess just Mother's intuition. So I wasn't too surprised. It really wasn't what Jake was expecting though. He thought for sure he was getting another girl. He says he's still happy- and that it just makes him love Naomi all the more. Of course, the best news of all was that the baby looks healthy! My placenta is a little low, but anterior, and so expected to move up. They'll do a follow up ultra sound at 29 weeks just to make sure.

I can't believe I'm half way already!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boy or girl? Names?

17 weeks and 4 days

+7 lbs

I need to find my seamstress tape to start measuring my belly, because it is definitely getting out there! I'm still just wearing bigger pants, or rubber banding the waistband on pants though- cause thankfully I've still stayed thinner through the hips and thighs than I think I did with Naomi. Maybe a sign for a boy? I vaguely remember feeling like my hips got bigger with Naomi than they did with the boys. It's hard to say though. My nausea is gone, but my sensitive nose is not. UGH! I hate smelling EVERYTHING so acutely.

The ultra sound is less than two weeks away! I'm very happy to report that I'm excited for it actually. I'm a little nervous after all we went through with Naomi, of course. But I really feel optimistic that everything will look healthy and normal at the ultra sound. I AM nervous about the gender though!!! Jake has been saying that if its another boy, that I'd better gear up for trying for a number five and a girl, even though we really want to be done after this one. I think its just hi way of showing how much he really wants another girl! That has me really hoping for a girl as well. But I have this boy thought/feeling that just wont go away.

If its a girl we'll name her Eden Elizabeth. "Edie" for short. For a boy we both still like Titus Bradley- but Jake has been saying we may have to rethink that- because "Titus" sounds like a big tough kid- and our kids are all small on the growth charts. I figure he'll go by "T" till he's older and bigger anyway- so it doesn't really matter. I guess I'm open to new ideas for a boy- since we generally agree on boy names much easier than girl names.

We are currently getting the basement bathroom finished (most likely this weekend?!) so that the boys can move downstairs and we can have room for a nursery upstairs. We'll get the main room and hallway flooring in next. That will make the basement feel MUCH more finished and welcoming.

This will be our first (and last?!) infant to bring home to this house in HEBER! I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about making it to the birth center in Orem in time. My labor with Naomi was 2.5 hours start to finish! I read an article on KSL the other day about a couple who ended up having their 4th baby on the side of the freeway. And This baby will probably come at the end of February when snow storms are not uncommon. But unless we're willing to shell out about $10k out of pocket for our deductible- it's really our best option. Jake says he could deliver the baby if he has to! I'm more worried about going into labor when he's at work and the kids are in school... Although I've gone into labor in the middle of the night with all of mine- so lets hope that pattern stays the same. And Dekker and Naomi both came when we had someone at the house to stay with the other little one(s). Hopefully this one will be just as polite!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Felt you move!?

So I'm sitting here kinda crouched over the desk (bad posture) and I feel a flutter in my stomach?! What?! Could that be the baby? Nah! It's just in my head. Then I feel it again... Maybe its just gas- but that does not feel like gas, especially since all my gas has felt like painful cramps in my upper abdomen, and this was a soft flutter down low. Woa! There it is again! That has GOT TO BE THE BABY!

I check Naomi's blog and read that it wasn't till about 16 or 17 weeks that I felt her move. So I look up on line, and there are plenty of people that have felt their baby move that early... Well, this is new to me. So nice though, since yesterday I didn't feel sick or hormonal or any of those symptoms I've been feeling and was a little worried.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feeling more sick now!?

+4 lbs

I've been feeling sick more at nights lately. Still not really bad, but yucky still the same. My nose and gag reflex are VERY sensitive as well. It's a little strange, since with both Naomi and Dekker all of those symptoms were worse early on and started fading around 12 weeks. I'm hoping that they will eventually fade with this one as well.

My belly has really popped out this week. Easily hidden with a loose shirt, but very noticeable to me. I've stayed slimmer through the hips and bum so far though. Guess, I can be thankful for that.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Expecting and hopeful

I am expecting again! I'm due March 10th. I went to the midwife this last Tuesday and heard the heartbeat! It was a huge relief. After the miscarriage, it's been hard to trust my body again. Especially because I haven't felt sick very much, and until this last week had only gained about two pounds. Jake gave me a blessing early on, and in it was told that I could have peace that this baby would be born, and be healthy. I tried to hold fast to that- but I have to admit that I didn't really allow myself to "feel" pregnant until I heard that heart beat. I feel much better now that I've heard it, and now that I'm past my 12 week mark. Now I just have to face all my fears that come from Naomi's ultra sounds. I really am much more at peace though. And the nice thing is that because I kinda put "being pregnant" out of mind, and with the move and all, those first 12 weeks flew by- and now I doesn't even seem that long until I get to find out if we're having a boy or a girl.

If I had to guess, I'd guess a boy- just because I haven't felt as sick with this one as I did with Naomi. Jake really thinks and wants a girl. In fact, he's even saying that if its a boy he may just want to try again later for a girl. Which has me HOPING its a girl- because this pregnancy stuff has become more difficult and stressful each time- and I want to be done. I am more sick at night, like with Naomi though. We'll just wait and see I guess.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Loss

I need to start by saying how thankful I am for tender mercies, and for love and support through trials. The last couple days have been hard, I'm not going to lie, but The Lord has blessed me in the ways that have made it all bearable. Tuesday afternoon I started bleeding. At five AM I passed the baby. Soon after I began heavy bleeding and around 8am I passed out. Garrett took me to the hospital and stayed with me there all day while Racheal took care of the kids and things at home. I'm not a fan of hospitals. It was scary. After tests and ultra sounds it was determined that I would need a D&C. Again, I was scared. But it was what I needed, and after that my body began to heal. I'm still tired, week, and emotionally processing it all, but I'm feeling like I can move forward. Jake being in China, and only able to communicate once or twice a day has been hard on both of us, but I'm SO thankful Garrett and Racheal were here! They extended their stay a day to be with me until my mom could come (she got here late last night) and she'll stay with me till Jake gets back.

I'm thankful that Garrett and Jesus could give me a blessing Tuesday evening that gave me peace through this all.
I cannot say enough how thankful I am for Garrett and Racheal and ALL they've done for me over the last couple days.
I'm thankful for my mom who offered to be here before I even knew just how much I'd need her here.
I'm thankful for my husband who's prayers and love I can feel from halfway around the world.
I'm thankful for neighbors who brought the perfect dinner and flowers.
I'm thankful for my friend BriAnn who prepared and helped me through this in so many ways. Her honest and open sharing of her own losses and pains helped know I could most certainly make it through mine.

I am thankful to all of you for your prayers and support. I know you are offering them as you learn this news. In sharing our news with so many so early, we invited you into our joy, and now into the sorrow. I am very thankful for the power of our body and spirits to heal. It is a loss, but we will move forward. Please forgive me for not contacting and sharing this more individually and personally. It all happened very fast and I'm still healing and processing it all. But again, I thank you for your prayers and support- they will be felt and appreciated.

Monday, April 11, 2011

10 weeks

weight: +5

The nausea has all but gone the past 3-4 days! Last night I had some really rich chocolate cake and then felt sick after that, but it's been so nice not to have waves of it on and off during the days anymore! I was comparing notes on Naomi's blog and it looks like that's sooner, and the nausea was never as strong either.... I don't know... could you be a boy??? Even though my initial feeling was girl?

I went and had my first "official" appointment with the Better Birth midwives. I plan on delivering at their birthing center with the "midwife package". They have a student package, where you are seen and assisted by students, supervised by the midwives, through the whole process, and that package is about $1000 less. At first I thought, it would be nice- save some money, have another set of hands helping out. But I just felt better about the experienced midwives being the ones I'd be trusting right then and there, and it keeps it more intimate/personal since there's only four of them, and I don't even know how many students. I'll be honest, I'm a LITTLE nervous not delivering at a hospital with all their back up, but the BellaNatal Birth rooms are really nice (much cozier and comfortable than a hospital) they have oxygen and other emergency supplies, and Utah Valley Hospital - where they transfer to if they need to- is just a couple miles down the road. Besides, my delivery with Naomi went really smoothly, and it's important to trust myself and my body, right?

They tried to find your heartbeat today- but no luck. They were really great though and scheduled me another appointment in two weeks instead of four. Again, I compared to Naomi's blog and saw that even at my 12 week appointment they had a challenge finding it. So I'm not too concerned.

I love you. I'm praying for you.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

8 weeks

Weight: +4 lbs

Still feeling sick on and off throughout the days, but I think it's been a little less. I'm super tired and my nose is VERY sensitive. IF I crave food its usually mexican or italian something with tomato sauce. But mostly nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas etc. Oh and eggs every sometimes too. I'm really hungry all the time, which is sooner than what I noted on Naomi's blog- but I'm at about the same weight gain, though I did start this pregnancy about 5 lbs lighter than I started Naomi's (hooray!).

I meet with the Midwives at Better Birth on Thursday. I hope it goes well!

Monday, March 21, 2011

7 Weeks pregnant

Hello my little one! We are so excited for you. Once your dad and I decided we wanted to add baby number four to our family we just couldn't wait. You've been planned and anticipated. I have to admit that I'm a little nervous for your first year. The first 3-4 four months with a newborn are always an adjustment, but with three older ones, needing to be run to school, preschool, extracurricular activities, a toddler in diapers and life in general, I have a feeling it will be pretty busy. Yet, I can hardly wait! Josh and Dekker are VERY excited as well- Naomi doesn't understand of course yet. Your dad and Josh are VERY much hoping for a girl, Dekker and I are following suit. Of course our greatest prayer though is that you are healthy- and we have an awesome boy name picked out for you too- just in case.

So though we were trying, I wasn't sure I was pregnant. With Naomi I began feeling sick before I even took the test. I took the test one day early (again, we're just so excited) and was so elated to see that indeed I was/am pregnant. I noticed an increase in appetite within the next day or two- and slight nausea 3-4 days after. The nausea and nose sensitivity has increased since- though still not as extreme as with Naomi- though more so than Dekker. (Josh I never felt sick with). At 5 weeks I'd gained maybe a pound. 6 weeks a solid two and now I'm at 3-4. And this last week I also noticed a thickening of my waistline for sure- though I'm sure no one else would notice, well Jake yes.

We all pray for you and love you. Welcome, welcome to the family!