Friday, September 9, 2011

Felt you move!?

So I'm sitting here kinda crouched over the desk (bad posture) and I feel a flutter in my stomach?! What?! Could that be the baby? Nah! It's just in my head. Then I feel it again... Maybe its just gas- but that does not feel like gas, especially since all my gas has felt like painful cramps in my upper abdomen, and this was a soft flutter down low. Woa! There it is again! That has GOT TO BE THE BABY!

I check Naomi's blog and read that it wasn't till about 16 or 17 weeks that I felt her move. So I look up on line, and there are plenty of people that have felt their baby move that early... Well, this is new to me. So nice though, since yesterday I didn't feel sick or hormonal or any of those symptoms I've been feeling and was a little worried.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feeling more sick now!?

+4 lbs

I've been feeling sick more at nights lately. Still not really bad, but yucky still the same. My nose and gag reflex are VERY sensitive as well. It's a little strange, since with both Naomi and Dekker all of those symptoms were worse early on and started fading around 12 weeks. I'm hoping that they will eventually fade with this one as well.

My belly has really popped out this week. Easily hidden with a loose shirt, but very noticeable to me. I've stayed slimmer through the hips and bum so far though. Guess, I can be thankful for that.