Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a BOY!

I did a poll on Facebook. And the votes were 3 for Boy and 8 fir Girl. Well, this baby sure fooled everyone.

Here's a quick shot that I had Jake take this morning before leaving for the ultra sound.

We were all hoping for a girl, except for Dekker. My guess was a boy though. I hadn't felt very sick with this one, I haven't gained as much weight as I did with Naomi, especially through the hips. Plus, with Naomi, sweets actually made me feel more sick- with this one that wasn't a problem. And, well, I guess just Mother's intuition. So I wasn't too surprised. It really wasn't what Jake was expecting though. He thought for sure he was getting another girl. He says he's still happy- and that it just makes him love Naomi all the more. Of course, the best news of all was that the baby looks healthy! My placenta is a little low, but anterior, and so expected to move up. They'll do a follow up ultra sound at 29 weeks just to make sure.

I can't believe I'm half way already!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boy or girl? Names?

17 weeks and 4 days

+7 lbs

I need to find my seamstress tape to start measuring my belly, because it is definitely getting out there! I'm still just wearing bigger pants, or rubber banding the waistband on pants though- cause thankfully I've still stayed thinner through the hips and thighs than I think I did with Naomi. Maybe a sign for a boy? I vaguely remember feeling like my hips got bigger with Naomi than they did with the boys. It's hard to say though. My nausea is gone, but my sensitive nose is not. UGH! I hate smelling EVERYTHING so acutely.

The ultra sound is less than two weeks away! I'm very happy to report that I'm excited for it actually. I'm a little nervous after all we went through with Naomi, of course. But I really feel optimistic that everything will look healthy and normal at the ultra sound. I AM nervous about the gender though!!! Jake has been saying that if its another boy, that I'd better gear up for trying for a number five and a girl, even though we really want to be done after this one. I think its just hi way of showing how much he really wants another girl! That has me really hoping for a girl as well. But I have this boy thought/feeling that just wont go away.

If its a girl we'll name her Eden Elizabeth. "Edie" for short. For a boy we both still like Titus Bradley- but Jake has been saying we may have to rethink that- because "Titus" sounds like a big tough kid- and our kids are all small on the growth charts. I figure he'll go by "T" till he's older and bigger anyway- so it doesn't really matter. I guess I'm open to new ideas for a boy- since we generally agree on boy names much easier than girl names.

We are currently getting the basement bathroom finished (most likely this weekend?!) so that the boys can move downstairs and we can have room for a nursery upstairs. We'll get the main room and hallway flooring in next. That will make the basement feel MUCH more finished and welcoming.

This will be our first (and last?!) infant to bring home to this house in HEBER! I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about making it to the birth center in Orem in time. My labor with Naomi was 2.5 hours start to finish! I read an article on KSL the other day about a couple who ended up having their 4th baby on the side of the freeway. And This baby will probably come at the end of February when snow storms are not uncommon. But unless we're willing to shell out about $10k out of pocket for our deductible- it's really our best option. Jake says he could deliver the baby if he has to! I'm more worried about going into labor when he's at work and the kids are in school... Although I've gone into labor in the middle of the night with all of mine- so lets hope that pattern stays the same. And Dekker and Naomi both came when we had someone at the house to stay with the other little one(s). Hopefully this one will be just as polite!