Monday, April 23, 2012

Two months old

We recently went in for TJ's two month checkup! His stats on 4/12/2012 were: Wt- 10 lbs 4.5 oz (19th%) Ht- 23.25 in (64th%) His left tear duct still hasn't opened- so he has a pretty constant watery left eye. He has a herniated belly button like Dekker and Naomi. He had Jake and I a little worried because he was 1-2 weeks behind our other kids when it came to making eye contact, smiling, and cooing. The doctor assured me that he is well within norms, and especially when we adjust for his premature birth- which they say you should do when looking at milestones. He IS smiling and cooing all the more now though- and I really need to take some video of it, cause it's the smiles are hard to catch on camera, and his little "conversations" are so dang cute. He's a pretty good sleeper- has slept through the night twice, and most nights only wakes up once. He doesn't HATE tummy time, but gets tired of it pretty quick. He will smile for everyone in the family, but I think right now "Mom" is the favorite! :)

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